Negative Nancy’s and How To Deal With Them

In business, great or small, there will always be someone who

tries to undercut you. There are various reasons as to why, but the

point is, it happens. Some of us have a difficult time trying to

recover from these kind of attacks. One thing for sure, if you don’t

do anything, things will just get worse. By using the following

techniques and the resources of, you could

potentially clean up bad news about yourself online!

A few ways to help diffuse that ticking time bomb and regain

your customer’s faith is to make sure that your customers know that

you’re not going to let the negativity get the best of you. Let your

customers know that they are still number one on your list. You can

even go the extra mile for them and offer more to them. Let them know

that you value their patronage by giving them better support, higher

quality products, faster service and much more.

Another way is by being the bigger person. When people are

giving undue negative feedback and reviews, don’t stoop to their

level. By attacking these people back, you are showing the world that

you are no different from them and can have an even more negative

effect on your business. While you still need to address the problem,

attacking them back looks very bad on you.

If all else fails, seek some guidance or find help to clear your

name. It always helps to talk things out with people whether its

family or an actual counselor. It also helps to use resources that are

geared at helping you the best way they can, by combating and removing

the things that are breaking your business down. This is where is useful. This site works by removing

negative search results so consumers aren’t greeted with them when

they search you or your business online.

Using the information in this article, you have the potential to

look squeaky clean to your consumers again, so try it out!

Brad Reifler’s Achievements As A Financial Expert

Financial professionals play a crucial role in providing solutions to various financial problems. However, it is imperative for clients to know that not everyone that claims to be a financial expert is indeed competent. Before subscribing to the services offered by a financial expert, it is advisable to go through his or her financial history. The history will provide details of past engagements, which may provide the client with crucial information. This way, clients are able to make informed decisions about enlisting the services of such an expert or not.

On the web, Brad Reifler’s name appears among the successful financial experts. The New-York based expert has been the CEO of Forefront Capital Markets Management since 2009. Previously, Brad served in the management of various corporations within the United States. Currently, he serves on the board of Genesis Securities, Foresight research solutions and European Investment bank. Brad also serves as Milkbrook School’s Trustee. He has also worked for affiliate companies such as Symmetry Property Development, Roots markets, Sino Mercury Acquisition Corporation and CIFCO International Group. Brad seeks to provide innovative solutions to clients’ problems through using his experience, determination and hard work.

In the recent past, Brad initiated the Forefront Income Trust. This interval fund has aided most middle-income Americans to consider investing in different forms of incomes. Reports by the media indicate that most people contend that the initiative will save individuals from poverty. Brad is working towards ensuring that the company ranks among the powerful companies to be established in New York. He has dedicated time and resources to satisfying client’s financial utility. This information was originally reported on BC Exploration as highlighted in the following link

The graduate of Bowdoin College majored in economics and political science. His entrepreneurial journey started after forming Reifler Trading Company. The corporation zeroed in on financial research and global derivatives. Brad’s management skills resulted in the company’s growth to rank among the leading corporations. The company was eventually sold to Refco Company. Brad is the Founder of Pali Capital. His financial skills saw the company enhance its revenues to reach the $200 million mark. In addition, Brad managed to open offices in Australia, United Kingdom and the United States.  All listed on Wikipedia as a part of Brad’s empire.

Brad asserts that investment is not a preserve of the rich because every individual has the potential to invest. Over the years, he has made numerous appearances in various platforms. His message of financial empowerment has helped many middle and low-income individuals to invest for their future. Brad continues to empower people on financial freedom through providing them with new and innovative ways of planning for their future.

George Soros on How He Sees the Next Financial Crisis Looming

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has a primary Super Pac that received a $6 million donation from George Soros last December. Soros remains one of the largest donors ever in American politics. The Hungarian born American is a wealthy philanthropist, investor, lecturer, author, and owner of multiple businesses.

The recent donation brings his total in 2015 to $8 million, as far as giving to groups that support Clinton. Priorities USA Action is the super PAC that was the recipient of the billionaire’s money. The group managed to bring in $25 million in the last half alone of 2015. This is according to a report filed with the FEC (Federal Election Commission). That is an impressive total of $41 million for the super PAC in all of 2015. It means they will have $36 million left to spend at their discretion for 2016.

Haim Saban is another large donor for the latter half of the year. The Hollywood icon and Cheryl Saban, his wife, came together to offer $3 million. In addition, Donald Sussman and Herb Sandler both contributed $1.5 million to the PAC each. Another super PAC actually stepped up and donated as well. It is called Working for Working Americans. They provided $1.5 million.
Read more: George Soros on How He Sees the Next Financial Crisis Looming

Still, George Soros’ donation is unique, and not just because he donated more. He also managed to give money to Priorities USA ($1 million) and American Bridge 21st Century (another super PAC that supports Clinton). He has demonstrated that he will consistently donate $1 million or more in elections. In fact, he has given more than $20 million to politics since 2004, when he tried to keep President George W. Bush from becoming president.

After that, george Soros notably stopped giving so much to politics. Priorities USA tried to squeeze much more than $1 million from Soros in 2012, with no luck. President Obama still managed to be re-elected, however. In fact, George Soros did tell someone close to Clinton that he wished he would have supported Clinton instead of Obama in 2008. These reports are according to emails that the State Department has released.

Super PACs like Priorities USA are still asking Soros for money in 2016. It seems that a check from Soros is a blessing and good omen about a candidate’s luck in the presidential race. If people were to bet on billionaires to determine the outcome, Soros may be a good choice. On the other side, conservatives are set to donate over $1 billion to their respective political campaigns.

Learn more about George Soros:

Philip Diehl Enlightening Podcast With Eric Dye

Philip Diehl is a phenomenal person with a lot of managerial experience. During a recent interview podcast with Eric Dye he talked about his journey and experiences in the US Money Reserve servitude. He is accredited with turning around the American Mint which had faded into absolution.

Philip Diehl believes that customer satisfaction is the best marketing tool. During his six year stint at American mint he came up with various creative marketing strategies. Within his six year period the agency enjoyed favorable customer reviews. According to the Epod Cast Network, he will be remembered for his revolutionary introductions such as the first U.S government issued platinum coin akin to the US Money Reserve.

During the interview he talked about his journey and aspirations. He was keen to emphasis that customers are everything and their satisfaction is all that mattered in a business. A man with his particular skill set is always in demand and it was not long before he moved to U.S Money Reserve.

He was appointed as the president of the company which is renowned for its precious metals quality. Under his leadership the company has increased its sales and introduced new gold coins. It was evident during the podcast that the company was reliable and valued its clients. He recently unveiled a program that enables people to store their wealth in form of gold coins since gold will not lose its value.

Trading in state issued and assured gold coins is essential since they have the guarantee of the government. They can be compared to legal tenders such as dollars, the U.S mint coins can be classified under this category.

According to U.S Money Reserve is a prominent precious metals company that issues and distributes U.S issued precious coins. It core values revolve around purity and customerÕs money worth in terms of the coins issued. The company has rolled out several programs that are meant to help it improve its coin portfolio and also enlighten its customers. Major world currencies are declining with no signs of improvement in the near future.

U.S Money Reserve has taken the opportunity to launch the IRA program that will see people convert their savings into gold. According to their website the company seeks to provide the best customer experience coupled with competitive coin prices.

CrunchBase which can be accessed via states that U.S Money Reserve enjoys national wide recognition. According to the same site the company is set to unveil a bronze statue in remembrance of the Pearl Harbor attack.

Securus Technologies Reassures Its Market Of Best Services After Winning A Court Battle Against FCC

Securus Technologies is a worldwide recognized American civil and criminal justice technological firm is currently in a celebratory mood. This firm that offers public safety, corrections, investigations and monitoring services to correctional facilities market has just won a lawsuit it had filed at United States Court of Appeals. In this lawsuit, Securus Technologies was seeking a dismissal of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) new policy.

The FCC was moving forward a policy that would enable the Federation to apply rate caps on the current intrastate rates. Securus Technologies said that the FCC wanted to impose inappropriate interim interstate charges on to the intrastate rates which falls outside their jurisdiction. Securus Technologies went ahead and said that the FCC should recheck its legal boundaries before initiating such policies. This firm added that this would prevent future instances where the Federation would try to infringe on the firm’s clients rights.

Within the last 14 days, Securus Technologies has managed to protect its client’s interests in the corridors of justice twice. The first instance was against the weight of FCC’s decisions on the market’s inmate communication rates and fees. Securus Technologies also took this opportunity to point an accusing finger to FCC for trying to ruin the operations of the well-established inmate communication industry. This firm also assured its clients in the corrections facilities and law enforcement sectors that it will always put their interests at the heart of their decisions. Securus Technologies also said that it will not allow foreign factors to ruin the good relationship between service providers and clients in this industry. This firm also said that it will always be at the forefront in preventing foreign inversion to the corrections facilities, inmate communication and law enforcement sectors. 

Securus Technologies is the biggest firm both marketwise and product wise in the correctional facilities, inmate communication, and law enforcement sectors. This firm has numerous cutting-edge technological products such as the THREAD 3.1, the mobile-based video visitation application and the amazing, intelligent devices in this market (download the free app from Google Play here). The THREAD 3.1 is a hosting platform for the entire inmate communication, monitoring, and analysis system for this industry. This Securus product is made of the latest technology that allows multitasking during criminal investigations. It also offers a wide unconventional investigation tool. This tool has played a significant role in the uncovering and prevention numerous criminal activities recently. Its other products such as the mobile based video visitation application and intelligent devices are doing greatly in the market so far.


Securus Technologies is in no way a part of the Amazon Securus product nor the website, Securus America.

Securus House is a domestic violence victims center and is also a separate entity.

Martin Lustgarten Covers More Than One Country To Invest

Investors around the world are looking for ways to make money from investments across the world, but most of those investors have never actually been to another country to do their research. Martin Lustgarten is a Venezuelan and Austrian national who has chosen to work in both countries, and he sets a good precedent for people who want to invest worldwide. People who want to make more money has a role model to look up to for international business.

Martin is a magnificent evaluator of the value of companies and stocks around the world. Martin has looked at stocks and companies in both Austria and Venezuela, and he helps his clients make the right decisions when they start spending their money overseas. Martin’s skill is so vast that he has helped create multinational investors from just a few dollars here and there.

International investment requires knowledge of banking rules in every country where money is spent, and Martin knows those rules in Austria and Venezuela. He has made a killing working with companies in both countries, and he does not get slowed down by banking rules. Those rules will cause problems for people who did not look into them before spending their money.

International investment is a great way for people to send their money somewhere that provides a little extra diversity. Someone who thinks they can make more money overseas should send their money overseas, and the tax implications might be a lot better because of the banking rules in the new country. Investors who have thought about this before will make a lot more money than their peers.

Martin Lustgarten is just one man who has been investing his money overseas, but he is one of the few people who can do it successfully. He represents a good role model for people who want to make money on stock markets, and he helps people understand what they can do with their money if they want to be really creative. He might even be the inspiration for the next big investor who takes their money overseas for higher profits.

From Business To The Community, Jon Urbana Does It All

Jon Urbana is a name that many may recognize especially if they live in the Denver area. That’s because he has been an active part of the community for a while now. He’s one of those people trying to make a difference, simply because he can. Jon Urbana is a very influential and successful businessman but that’s not all he’s known for. Those who are a part of, or keep up with what’s going on in the business world, recognize Urbana is being the head of business development at Ellipse USA. Through that business venture, Urbana is responsible for overseeing the company’s progress.

Urbana has gone on to do so much more. Ever since college and before, Jon Urbana has had a passion for lacrosse. That passion for the sport has never really gone away. After Jon Urbana’s playing career, he still found a way to keep up with the sport. Urbana is one of the co-founders of the Next Level Lacrosse Camp which helps the youth of Colorado really develop their playing skills. Urbana teaches them all the tips and tricks that are necessary to be a successful player. These kids learn a valuable insight into the sport that they would not have had otherwise.

Urbana is also a very prominent member in the charity scene of Denver. He has played a key role in two different fundraising efforts. In one, Urbana has been raising money for ARAS, which is a no-kill shelter in the Denver area. He understands that when animals, such as cats are abandoned, that doesn’t mean they should die. Urbana wants a safe space for all the animals so that they’ll be able to get another chance at love.

Jon Urbana’s charity work hasn’t stopped there. He is also an integral part of Earth Force. Earth Force is mobilizing the youth to care about the environment. Urbana teaches them ways to protect the environment so that problems such as pollution don’t plague the planet for years to come.

Overall, Urbana’s flight recognition shows that he is a man that really dabbles in a little bit of everything. He’s not just focused on his business but rather helping the community as well.

Qnet Empowering Women In Asia

Qnet is an Asia-based company that conducts direct sales and multilevel marketing in selling of their products as luxury goods, weight management, fashion accessories energy, nutrition, home care and personal care.

So much love for #LifeQode EDG3!

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Located in Hong Kong, Qnet was started in the year 1998 by QI group and the founder Vijay Eswaran. Since then there have been operations starting to expand efforts to QNET India, Indonesia, Philippines, Sudan, Rwanda and Saudi Arabia. The company uses a multi-marketing level strategy where it depends on some group of independent representatives who are its marketers to their direct consumers. They then get compensation from the volume of sales made to those consumers. Qnet also established a 3 year partnership with Manchester City to become the clubs direct selling company officially. The company has been doing very well in retail and consumer merchandise.

This is why we’re so proud to be #QNETCITY!

Posted by QNET (Official) on Sunday, February 28, 2016

Other than being supportive of football and other sports, Qnet has been playing a great role in the empowerment of women mostly around Asia. Based on the fact that many women want to work in independent businesses where they make their decisions and work with schedules flexible for them; Qnet has been encouraging most women to participate in direct sales which are independent.

Qnet has been specifically targeting to enrich young women entrepreneurs who in return can bring change in their communities and earn their families a livelihood. Qnet has had great concern for gender equality and empowerment. At around 74% of the workforce working in direct sales are women, and they have greatly increased the volume of sales for the company.

The never say die attitude of women, and their nurturing nature has been very good for them when conducting direct sales. Qnet encourages women to join sales groups and even gives them a flexible schedule that they can work with. Women are also allowed to participate in the direct sales of products in beauty, wellness and beauty. Through e-commerce Qnet has also been able to spread to more than 100 countries all over the world and apart from local operations they have about 50 stocks situated in different areas globally.

Qnet had even sponsored a tournament of women tennis team and has been active in sponsoring other sports in different regions of the world like football and badminton. It also has strong partnerships with Hong Kong health food associations, health supplements industry, and Manchester City football club. The company is a strong believer in teamwork and hence supports those sports activities and encourages women to form groups so that they can increase their direct sales. Qnet has used the best strategy to empower women which will not only empower them economically but will raise their self-esteem to participate in leadership positions.

Helane Morrison: A Model Figure in Business

From her her time as a law clerk to working with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Helane Morrison has been a standard-bearer for both women in business and for justice for the investor.

That is shown in a recent online article about her on the Project Eve website, here. The piece highlights her work to combat corruption in investment and for equality in the financial world.

The article particularly highlights the long road of Morrison’s career ranging from private law practice to securities law enforcement and back to private finances. In doing so, Morrison has become a respected voice when it comes to defining compliance in the financial world. 

The article actually starts out with the U.S. financial crisis in 2007 and lays out the fraud and corruption which created it. Even to this day, many Americans are cynical about the country’s financial future.

The scenario makes for a difficult economic environment for today’s investor. What is needed is someone who experience on both sides of the “watchdog” role and that leads to Morrison and her experiences as both defense counsel and enforcement director. Over the course of her career, she has defended and investigated brokerage firms over the course of her career.

Morrison’s background and rise to where she is at within securities enforcement actually began as a law clerk. She cut her teeth working under first Richard A. Posner on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, then for liberal justice Harry Blackmun on the U.S. Supreme Court. Learn more about Helane’s professional background by connecting with her on LinkedIn or check out her Crunchbase profile here:

After working at a law firm in San Francisco, Morrison joined the SEC in 1996. She was eventually promoted to regional director, becoming the first woman to be named to that position. In that role, she was based out of San Francisco oversaw the Northwest area ranging from Washington state to Montana to northern California as well as Alaska.

The last part of article focuses on her move to fight for better equality within the business workplace. After 11 years in the SEC that included a number of high-profile cases in fraud and insider trading, Morrison joined the private investment firm Hall Capital Partners LLC, a company completely run by women, in the role of chief compliance officer and general counsel.

In conclusion, even after over 30 years, Morrison remains dedicated to her work over protection of investors and better internal structure within securities firms.

Heeeeere’s Jonny!

If you have never heard of Jon Urbana before, you need to pay attention to the world around you more often. A veritable dynamo of a man, he is a self-made entrepreneur who seemingly has the Midas touch when it comes to his endeavors.

Coming from the world of collegiate lacrosse where he played for the Villanova Wildcats and was crowned Colonial Athletic Association’s Defensive Player of the Year in 2004, Jon Urbana quickly took the reins of success after graduating with a B.A. in Economics.

He played professional lacrosse for a number of years but, after retiring, Jon Urbana found his calling in business development. In 2011, he co-founded Next Level Lacrosse Camp, a youth camp that allows Colorado kids to train and play with professional players. Only a few years later, in January 2013, he became the Head of Business Development for the Denver-based Ellipse USA, where he oversees the marketing Department and marketing materials for the burgeoning aesthetic IPL and Laser systems company.

Besides his professional accomplishments, Jon has utilized his business acumen to work with the Earth Force Inc charity, which, according to Jon himself, seeks to inspire and mobilize youth to participate in environmental causes. Jon seeks to leverage his name recognition to help drive donations to the international charity.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

In his “free time”, he has enveloped himself in electronic music, dabbling mainly in re-mixes but also developing songs of his own, which can be heard at Jon’s Soundcloud page. To learn even more about Jon Urbana, check out his official blog, The Life of an Entrepreneur