Benefits Of Joining The Traveling Vineyard

Are you looking for a new way to make an additional side income? Are you striving to make more money but don’t know where to begin? If you aren’t sure where to head, The Traveling Vineyard is the way to go. They are the right people to work with because of the training they provide, the unique business setup, and their great tasting wine available throughout their vineyard.

Traveling Vineyard brings in new people like yourself to join the brand and sell their products. Through the system, you can bring people in to join right under you. It’s a simple business model that can allow for you to grow financially and make more money. Joining the Traveling Vineyard is great because they can allow for you to reach new growth and achieve new opportunities in business.

The benefit to working with them is that they are legit and have a great payment plan in action to help those in need get what they need. The Traveling Vineyard works real hard every single day to provide their team members with what they need to make real money. Their Success Kit is full of wonderful accessories and cheat sheets so you get all the help you need.

They have team leaders in the region who can help further your development and prepare you for wine tasting events that you decide to host and create. They have yearly events where Wine Guides come together and learn from each other. There’s plenty of things involved in the world of working with the Traveling Vineyard, and you will find that they are here to help further your career as a direct sales associate. Working with them guarantees that you learn and gain serious guidance on what to do in order to grow in this industry and make money.

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The Commitment of Clay Siegall’s Company to finding Cure for Cancer.

Clay Siegall is a knowledgeable science professional who has devoted his career to finding the best cure for cancer. He presently acts as the CEO and chairperson of the Seattle Genetics, which is a top firm that has majored in biotechnology. Siegall is acknowledged for the excellent cancer research that he does. He was an employee of different pharmaceutical firms before establishing his own business in 1998. Clay is an alumnus of the George Washington University and holds a Ph.D. in genetics from the institution. He has dedicated his work to discovering an effective cure for cancer. His company focuses on innovations, research, and developing new medication. The help that Seattle Genetics offers to cancer patients has made it be regarded as one of the leading pharmaceutical businesses. It was among the first firms to develop Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs).

Siegall’s career in the pharmaceuticals industry has been successful. He kicked off his profession by serving The National Institute of Health. Clay worked for the company for about three years and later moved to serve Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical. He was employed by the firm for about seven years, and this allowed him to acquire sufficient experience. His excellent knowledge of the sector made The National Cancer Institute hire him. The doctor is part of the Alders Pharmaceutical’s trustee’s board. Clay Siegall was also chosen to sit on Biopharmaceuticals’ board.

Seattle Genetics has made a lot of accomplishments for the 18 years that it has been running. It was among the first pharmaceutical companies to discover the Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) that are useful in mitigating the development of cancer cells. ADC has been beneficial in the healing of several patients in various parts of the globe. It has also assisted Seattle Genetics to gain international recognition. The scientists who are employed by Seattle Genetics have dedicated themselves to finding ways that can be used in bettering the cure. ADCs are currently sold in more than 66 nations. Clay Siegall went to the 5th edition of CHI Antibody Drug Conjugates Conference. During the event, he offered a speech on how the drugs that manufactured by his firm have significantly assisted more than 15000 patients in controlling Lymphoma.


Life Line Screening Serves a Large Public

Life Line Screening is an organization that provides medical screening for that is designed to detect clues about major bodily functions. There are three kinds of screenings included ultrasound, a finger-stick blood test, and a limited electrocardiograph. Since the inception of Life Line Screening, there have been over 8 million screenings, and the current rate is over 1 million screens per year.

Ultrasound screenings are very informative in determining blood flow and full organ view in real time. Ultrasound is completely non-invasive and painless. Life Line uses a state-of-the-art color flow Doppler that gives an impressive reality to the image. Critical areas observed by the ultrasound are the Abdominal screening for an aortic aneurysm, a Carotid artery screening, and a bone density screening for the risk of osteoporosis.

The finger-stick test takes a few drops of blood from the fatty part of the finger. It can test for blood values. A full blood panel can be derived from this test, and the focus is usually on cholesterol levels. Glucose levels are also shown, along with liver enzyme levels and the high-sensitivity C-reactive protein levels which are an indication of cardiovascular disease.

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The limited electrocardiograph spots irregular heartbeat and other abnormalities of heart behavior. The results can be sent on to the patient’s doctor for further evaluation.

The reason Life Line Screening is so important is that many people just don’t go to the doctor very much. Most primary care physicians and urgent care centers do not have the equipment to do the scans like Life Line has. People can get a test from Life Line very inexpensively and information which is then shared with the patient’s doctor.

Many people would never have vital information that is vital to their health without the extensive number of screenings from Life Line. The service is of great value for many people because of this factor.

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The Making of Businessman and Entrepreneur, Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a renowned Swiss entrepreneur. He is the co-founder and managing director of Swiss Startup Factory and also the co-founder and director of Swiss Startup Association. He has spent over 20 years in the banking industry. In 2014, Baur started his entrepreneurial journey and founded Swiss Startup Factory. Under his leadership, Swiss Startup Factory has been ranked as the best independent and privately financed early phase ICT startup accelerator. Baur graduated with MBA from the University of Rochester New York and later earned an executive MBA from the University of Berne. Baur is devoted to supporting several Swiss youth entrepreneurs financially and as their mentor.




Baur began his career at UBS Wealth Management where he worked for six years until 2008 when he left for Clariden Leu. At Clariden Leu he served as the business area head private banking Switzerland. In 2011 he was promoted to serve as the head private banking Switzerland. In 2012, he left Clariden Leu for Sallfort Privatebank AG where he served as the head of private banking until 2014.


2014 marked the start of his entrepreneurial career. After leaving Sallfort, he founded two companies’ Baur IS and Think Reloaded Ag. By the end of 2014, he co-founded Swiss Startup Factory AG. Today, Baur holds various positions in several organizations. He is the vice president of Innovation Lab Fribourg (ILF), where he empowers students from business, sciences and engineering faculties to bring new technologies to the market. He also serves as the deputy managing director at Swiss Startup Invest


About Swiss Startup Factory


Swiss Startup Factory was established with the aim of providing an excellent execution platform to guide Swiss’ young and talented entrepreneurs through a dedicated and business oriented process from the start to the end with pre-determined milestones. The company is based in Zurich, and it is an accelerator searching for thriving digital entrepreneurs.


The firm runs a three-month start-up accelerator program, which offers young entrepreneurs with a unique array of services. The services include mentoring, coaching, office space and entrepreneurial network with a goal of achieving the firm’s ambitious goals. The training equips the learners with knowledge in payroll management, financial statements and financial health review, cash flow reports, tax and VAT reporting, bookkeeping and invoice management.


Charitable Causes


Aside from being a figure to reckon in the business world, Baur has also made a name for community activities. Baur is involved in various community activities. Baur is a community wellness activist and participates in fitness challenges, road races and corporate shield running events. He serves as a board member at Upset Forever as well as The Peace Center for Performing Arts in Greenville.

The Importance of Comparative Law in Ensuring Better World Order

Comparative law is a field of law that studies the relationship between legal systems. This involves studying laws of more than one system and comparing them. The results of comparing different laws give researchers a chance to analyze the various legal cultures. Comparative law also studies different existing legal systems in the world including Chinese law, Canon law, Jewish law, Hindu law, common law, civil law and Islamic law.

Comparative law plays a crucial role in understanding foreign legal systems. With the increase in globalization, democratization, and complexity of the international and private law, comparative constitutional law has become more popular. The role plays by comparative law cannot be underestimated. It plays a significant role in advocating for international harmony and unifying laws that are essential in ensuring an excellent world order. Legislators across and courts across the world are now borrowing and incorporating foreign law into their legal systems. The harmonious trade between nations across the world has been attributed to the role of comparative law.

Comparative law is believed to have originated from Europe in the 18th century. It has several branches including comparative constitutional law, comparative civil law, comparative administrative law, comparative commercial law, and comparative criminal law. Comparative law intends to perfect the existing legal systems, get an in-depth knowledge of the legal system and contribute the unification of the system.    More of this on

Sujit Choudhry in Brief

Sujit Choudhry is an internationally recognized authority on comparative law. He is also the founder and director of the Centre for Constitutional Transitions, the world’s first university-based institution that generates and disseminates knowledge aimed at building various legal systems. Choudhry holds law degrees from Oxford, Toronto and Harvard University. Over the years he has earned a lot of reputation, which enabled him to receive the Trudeau Fellowship award, which is equivalent to the MacArthur awards. Sujit devotes his time in doing research with the aim of addressing fundamental methodological questions in comparative constitutional law.  Learn more about Sujit, visit his page.

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Choudhry has served in different organizations. Currently, he is a member of the United Nations Mediation Roster and has also worked with the World Bank as a consultant. He is also globally recognized for the role he played as a foreign constitutional expert in the building of constitutions of various nations including Egypt, South Africa, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Libya, and Ukraine. While in Canada, Sujit Choudhry was a member of the governing Toronto Advisory Panel, Legal Aid Ontario. He also served as a law clerk to the Chief Justice of the Canadian Supreme Court. Sujit is also a prominent author. He has authored over 90 book chapters, articles, working papers, and reports.  For works of Sujit Choudhry, click on

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Global Leader Shares Knowledge About Video With MarTech Advisor Audience.

MarTech Advisor is the world’s leading source for marketing technology. Every day news, research data and product comparisons and more are posted to the MTA website. Another thing that is often shared there is expert views about marketing trends and more. When it comes to who share their thoughts, it is limited to the best of the best. To post an article at MarTech you have to be a leader in your fields and Talk Fusion’s CEO Bob Reina is certainly an expert in his field. Talk Fusion is a global leader in the field of video marketing and offers a set of award winning video marketing products all under one roof.


Bob’s article is telling everyone about the growing trends of video advertising and popular trends of using video in marketing.



This the second guest article post Bob Reina has created for MarTech. He understands that people need to know this information to capture the trend and ride on it’s growing wave. Bob’s goal is to give the leaders of these companies the information and allow them to use it to increase their business. Video marketing can be used in so many ways. It can be used to talk to a companies current and future clients, family and friends or it can be used to talk to employees. Imagine the ability to train a sales team without them having to go to a physical office. That is the kind of things that are happening with Talk Fusion’s all in one video marketing solutions platform.


Years ago only fortune 500 companies with huge budgets were able to afford and use this technology. Talk Fusion has changed that by making the video marketing platform affordable and easy to use. They are also offering everyone a free trial with no credit card. All a person has to do is provide a working email and they have access to they whole video marketing program during their free trial. It is the goal of Talk Fusion to help businesses have better sales and make more money by using the trends of video.

Technologist, Philanthropist- Erick Pulier

He is a man who has accomplished a lot in his life at a very young age. Erick Pulier is well described as a distinguished Harvard University graduate. He is not a successful l entrepreneur, but he is also a columnist, an experienced technologist, an author, a public speaker, and above all he is a generous philanthropist. Erick is very passionate about people and helping them achieve and accomplish their goals and desire in life. He has helped begin several startups. Eric Pulier has amazed the world with what he can do with technology in the digital era.

Erick Pulier was born and raised in Teaneck, New Jersey. His passion and desire for technology began when he was in fourth grade when he started programming computers. His love did not stop there instead he worked even harder at while still in High School Erick established his first business, a data base company. After his High School graduation, he joined Harvard University for his English and Literature studies. While still at the University he wrote and edited for Harvard Crimson. Erick Pulier graduated in 1988.

Erick Pulier is a devoted entrepreneur who in 1991 founded People Doing Things, an organization that dealt with HealthCare issues, education, and other life issues through the use of technology. A go-getter who does not rest until he accomplishes what he wants to establish Digital Evolution in 1994. Later in 1998 Digital Evolution amalgamated with US Interactive LLC. Erick also founded an organization to assist children with chronic disease to be able to interact with others online, and he called it Starbright World.

Erick being a successful l entrepreneur he has helped in building several startups, XPrize being the most successful one. XPrize is all about competition and honoring those individuals who can push themselves to the fullest potential. His vision when founding XPrize was to assist the young people to achieve their goals and honor them with gifts.

He is not only an entrepreneur, but he is also an active philanthropist. Erick is much involved in Painted Turtle, which is a camp for children with chronic disease. Erick has shown his passion for children suffering from chronic illness by dedicating his time as well as his resources.


Sawyer Howitt Future Entrepreneur

Sawyer Howitt is only 17 years old and already he has entered the business world. A senior at Lincoln High in Portland, Oregon, Howitt is a project manager at his father’s business Meriwether Group. David Howitt is the CEO and founder of Meriwether Group that assists other entreprenuers to succeed in their business and push their brand. The Meriwether Group offers consultations for startup, small,and large business owners who need advice. At a young age Sawyer Howitt showed signs that he understood the world of finance. He understand complex spread sheets, filing, note taking, and creating business presentations. He is working with his father in hopes that he will earn a degree in Entrepreneurial Finance and will begin his studies at Columbia University next semester.

Rona Borre: Business lady, Entrepreneur, and Excellent Leader

Rona Borre is currently the CEO of Both companies.

Rona Borre attended the University of Arizona where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration majoring in Marketing. Rona started her career as an account executive at Team Alliance. She joined Sapphire Technologies after a year. Rona worked as a Senior Account Executive at Sapphire which is based in Chicago for five years. She left the company in 2001 to  start Instant Technology LLC and serves as the CEO. Rona launched Instant Finance and Instant Alliance in 2014.  Rona Borre is currently the CEO for both companies.

Instant Alliances leverages the technology solutions developed by Instant Technology to help to improve the finance and accounting processes of a company. Rona is responsible for leading a team of human capital experts to ensure that they provide the best experience to the clients. This is because the enterprise works with top customers who demand and expect their needs to be met.  Check on

Her exemplary work ethic and business acumen have made her receive many awards throughout her career. She won the Bronze Stevie Award for Female Entrepreneur of the Year and Woman of the Year in Technology in 2015. She was recognized as Enterprising Woman of the Year in 2011 and received an Influential Women in Business award from Business Ledger in 2009. Rona was inducted into the University of Illinois Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame as a result of her achievements as an entrepreneur.

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Rona Borre has been featured in some publications and media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Tribune, Tech Republic, Crain’s Business, and U.S. News.

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Igor Cornelsen: Investing in the Brazilian Market

Igor Cornelsen is an expert in investments and a retired Brazilian banker. He has worked for some of the top companies in the Brazilian banking industry. Igor offers advice on how investing in Brazil can be a success and also how not to fail in the Brazilian market.

Igor’s investment tips on Tumblr place newer investors in an excellent position to succeed from. His first investment advice is always to make sure you understand the number of investors in the market. Brazil is the largest economy in South America and eighth in the world. It is not hard to invest there, but uninformed investors could face a hard time in the Brazil investing market.

Secondly, it is important to understand how traders from other parts of the world and Brazilian traders relate on Twitter. You need to predict how Brazil will be affected when it places an embargo on another country. Also, since Brazil has strong trading links with some countries, if something went wrong, it is advisable to cease trading in businesses that trade with Brazil is a good consideration.

The last piece of advice from Igor Cornelsen is to understand the difference between Brazilian currency and currencies from other parts of the world. This can help you the value of particular investments and the price of currency changes provided by financial institutions at Also, you can know which prices are the best value and which prices are inflated for the services performed.

Igor Cornelsen is the founder of Bainbridge Investments Inc which is a Bahamas-based firm. He assists potential investors through the company by offering them long-term investment strategies. According to him, investments that take time to become profitable need a lot of dedication from investors. Igor advises his clients to invest in damaged or broken stocks. This is because these stocks are inexpensive and pick up when the market stabilizes.

Igor Cornelsen has gained expertise in the stock market because of spending countless hours studying the patterns of the market. He has vast knowledge in different fields of investment. He is frequently seen in golf courses in South Florida where he lives most of the year.