Billionaire George Soros is set to do it big again

Billionaire George Soros is on it again. Every time this name is mentioned, people sit back and watch keenly for the turn of events. The 85-year-old Soros was born in 1930 in Hungary, and started his career in his mid-20, precisely at 26. He has been a reputable manager for various banks for 17 years up to 1973 when he opted to quit. During his working years, F.M. Mayer, Wertheim and Company, Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder were just some of the notable companies where he played his managerial role.

Going on his own and starting up a Soros Fund management company paid off, as it’s documented that he could file up to 30% of returns per annum. At times, the firm could file returns of over 100% in a year, which is attributed to his aggressiveness in running his business. This business was quite a fortune, and in the 1980s, George Soros was already on the list of the world’s wealthiest individuals. He is now a philanthropist with his Open Society Foundation firm. Through this foundation, hundreds upon hundreds of organizations are being funded either directly or indirectly.

Though retired now and living a quiet life, the billionaire has recently hit the headlines again, looking concerned about the unpredictable China’s economy. Recently, Soros Fund Management LLC is said to have sold some of her stock to purchase some gold, and share from gold miners predicting a crisis in various markets. The company manages Soros and family wealth to a tune of $30billion. Clever investors know that gold is worthwhile in the midst of hard economic times. Soros Fund Management LLC could not afford to get this fact wrong.

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Since his retirement, he has continually left investment options and decisions to his team and does not have much influence on how the money is invested. He decided to do this; so that he can have an ample time focusing on his philanthropic and political endeavors. It is important to know that he is among the biggest contributors to Hilary Clinton and the Democrats’ party. So it was not until lately when the billionaire has been spotted frequenting his office and spending better part of the day, perhaps getting ready for the Chinese economic tragedy.

Soros believes that the Chinese economy will soon go down, citing that the country doesn’t currently practice transparent political system. He was also captured saying that the only way China can avoid this economic crash landing, is by not supplying loans all over as it currently is, and focus more on healing bad debts and reviving loss-making enterprises. He observes that the county’s economy reminds him of the Us financial crisis during the 2007/8.

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Goettl Air Conditioning and a Memorable Award

Nick Hughes’s time in the United States Navy was coming to an end several years ago. Thinking about finding a job and becoming a civilian again was something that was extremely daunting to the young man. Things have changed significantly for Hughes since that time period, however. He’s currently about to graduate from the College of Southern Nevada’s program in air conditioning technology. He’s also the proud winner of the Post 9/11 Veterans Tools Award. This award is given out by Ken Goodrich, the man behind Goettl Air Conditioning in Tempe, Arizona. Goodrich’s award gave Hughes the chance to purchase $1,000 worth of tools. He could use these tools to help kick-start his vocation.

Goodrich noted that people who have military experience tend to be strong workers. He also said that his scholarship can be an opening to assist people who want to thrive as professionals within the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) field. The 28 year-old Hughes worked as a Navy cook for seven years. He did extremely well in his program at the College of Southern Nevada. Because of that, he now has a position at an HVAC contracting company. Hughes originally hails from Northern California. This information was reported on PR Newswire.

Goettl Air Conditioning was established by the team of Adam and Gust Goettl in 1939. The business made its way to the Las Vegas Valley close to three decades later in 1968. The recession forced the firm to exit the Southern Nevada region in 2007. Goodrich made the decision to buy the company in 2013. In the spring of 2016, he set up a branch location in Las Vegas. Goodrich’s passion for Goettl’s work was born in Vegas, where he was reared.

Goettl Air Conditioning offers both commercial and residential HVAC services. The staff members at this company have expertise in all types of matters that involve air conditioning, heating, energy efficiency and indoor air quality, for example. Goettl Air Conditioning strives to provide all customers with attentive and detail-oriented customer service. People who need dependable and swift 24-hour service can turn to Goettl Air Conditioning as well. The company offers customers guarantees of full satisfaction no matter what. The experienced and dedicated cooling technicians who are on the Goettle Air Conditioning team know a lot about thermostats, cooling tune-ups, zone control systems, ductless mini split units, packaged air conditioners, evaporate coolers (also known as “swamp coolers”) and much more.

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White Shark Media: The Best Provider of Digital marketing Tools and Strategies

White Shark Media is the fastest growing digital marketing agency in the world. The company has its headquarters at Miami, Florida. The company offer advanced marketing solutions with transparency, no contracts and administrative access to your Google AdWords account.

So far, the company has managed more $36 million in ad spend last year, sent over 35,000 reports and created over 300,000 emails.

White Shark Media is aware that a significant number of their clients do not know how they can get a free AdWords evaluation. Good news is that this is pretty easy whether or not you have a campaign already running or have never encountered an AdWords account before.

All White Shark Media’s AdWords account evaluation are performed by a certified expert using During the evaluation procedure, the client can view the specialist screen, following along everything the AdWords are saying.

Everything is explained comprehensively, allowing you as the client to gather much more knowledge than you started off with. At the end of the evaluation, you can either choose to hire White Shark Media to manage your campaign or you can use the knowledge you acquired to develop your own campaign.

All you need to do to get a free AdWords evaluation is basically fill out a form accessible in the company’s website, submit the form eventually certified specialist will contact you as soon as possible.

Apart from AdWords evaluations, White Shark Media will offer you its search engine optimization and search engine marketing to improve you general ranking in the popular search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing and DuckDuckGo – driving more traffic to you site.

About White Shark Media

Being one of the most prolific marketing agency, White Shark Media has helped small to medium-based businesses to succeed through their innovative search marketing tools and strategies.

Over the years, the company has experienced its share of complaining customers, who have prompted them to come out with a better service in the end.

Some of their clients have claimed to lose touch with their AdWords campaign and to avoid such, the company has begun explaining comprehensively, details of their new campaign to their client.

With the knowledge, a client will know where to go if they want to see the performance of a particular ad or keyword before the beginning of their campaign.

The company have also designed a new phone system where clients can call their contacts directly – for those who found it frustrating to go through a receptionist first.

Clients who sign up with White Shark Media gets an email with all the essential contact information including that of the contact person and the contact’s supervisor. This will provide a unified communication even when the contact person is offline.

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George Soros Urges The European Union To Augment Its Efforts In Helping Ukraine Build Its Economy

George Soros is open to the fact that lack of European Union’s involvement in Ukraine’s problems may portend a greater danger to the EU. Soros believes that there is need for the European Union to provide Ukraine with more financial assistance. This way, Ukraine will be in a position to implement its radical reforms. Soros highlighted some of the unorthodox sources that European political leaders may use to help Ukraine enhance its economy and embark on its radical reforms.

Soros posits that the balance of payments assistance facility, which has been used for Romania and Hungary, has unused $ 47.5 billion. In addition, the European Financial Stability Mechanism, which is used for Ireland and Portugal, has unused $ 15.8 billion. To this end, George Soros Ukraine believes that the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Junker, should propose a way forward as soon as the Ukrainian government has forwarded its convincing priorities. In addition, Soros contends that the IMF would be able to lend $13 billion to Ukraine if the EU had larger matching funds. The IMF will be in a position to convert the stand-by agreement to an extended fund facility program.

Soros argues that a yield of € 10 billion or more from the European Investment bank project bonds may be used to exonerate Ukraine from Naftogaz and link the nation to a more unified European gas market. In addition, the Ukrainian banking sector can be restructured through both the European Bank for Restructuring and Development and the World Bank. Soros posits that these institutions can provide Ukraine with long-term financing. By negotiating with its bondholders, Ukraine will be able to restructure its sovereign debt. This way, more than $ 4 billion foreign exchange reserves shall be freed. Soros is of the view that part of any financial assistance to the nation should be channeled towards credit enhancement in regards to the new debt instrument.

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Save the New Ukraine

Lastly, Soros asserts that Ukraine needs to deal with a $3 billion bond, which was issued by the Russian government. Though the above sources cannot be actualized, they may be realized because of EU’s has the political will to see Ukraine succeed with its reform agenda.

Soros is happy about the developments registered in Ukraine. After visiting the country, he could not hide his joy as he saw the people having the zeal to reform their country. In the recent times, the country has managed to defeat the political influence of oligarchs such as Igor Kolomoisky. In order to maintain control over one of the subsidiaries of Naftogaz, Igor used his militia. However, the government managed to defeat him. Soros states that in order to have an effective banking system, the central bank of Ukraine will have to continue exercising strict controls.

The country has made progress in reforming the police as well as enhancing transparency in the procurement processes and introducing online services in government. However, the populace is decrying the slow pace of the reforms and the low standards of living. Soros is confident that Ukraine will be able to rise from its existing challenges and build a nation that is free of corruption and other vices.

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Ken Goodrich Brings Goettl Back To Las Vegas

The historic Goettl Air Conditioning brand had not had a presence in Las Vegas, Nevada since 2008 when the company established in 1939 was struggling to survive and left the state of Nevada to concentrate on surviving in Arizona. New owner Ken Goodrich is now looking to make Goettl a major force in the air conditioning industry in Nevada once more, and made his first impression in April 2016 with a new office opened in Las Vegas, 12 News Now reports. 50 new technicians will be employed in 2016 and joined by more than 200 more across the state over the next three years.

I have been impressed by the approach Ken Goodrich has undertaken as the new leader of the company, which has seen its fortunes take a sudden upturn since Goodrich took control of the company he had respected since his childhood. There is much to be impressed with in the way Ken Goodrich has changed the entire culture at Goettl since he bought the company in 2013 with the aim of bringing it back to former glories and returning it back to Nevada.

Reading about Ken Goodrich allowed me to discover he himself is the son of a former HVAC technician and remembers vividly his first steps taken in the profession as a 10 year old boy assisting his father. Goodrich has looked to assist others hoping to enter the HVAC repair and maintenance industry through the College of Southern Nevada as a main training center; little has impressed me more than the fact Goodrich has sponsored a lab and scholarship for those following family members into the industry. PR Newswire explains Ken Goodrich has also looked to provide a $1,000 scholarship to a military veteran attending the college each year to purchase tools to assist them in starting their career as an HVAC technician.

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Negative Nancy’s and How To Deal With Them

In business, great or small, there will always be someone who

tries to undercut you. There are various reasons as to why, but the

point is, it happens. Some of us have a difficult time trying to

recover from these kind of attacks. One thing for sure, if you don’t

do anything, things will just get worse. By using the following

techniques and the resources of, you could

potentially clean up bad news about yourself online!

A few ways to help diffuse that ticking time bomb and regain

your customer’s faith is to make sure that your customers know that

you’re not going to let the negativity get the best of you. Let your

customers know that they are still number one on your list. You can

even go the extra mile for them and offer more to them. Let them know

that you value their patronage by giving them better support, higher

quality products, faster service and much more.

Another way is by being the bigger person. When people are

giving undue negative feedback and reviews, don’t stoop to their

level. By attacking these people back, you are showing the world that

you are no different from them and can have an even more negative

effect on your business. While you still need to address the problem,

attacking them back looks very bad on you.

If all else fails, seek some guidance or find help to clear your

name. It always helps to talk things out with people whether its

family or an actual counselor. It also helps to use resources that are

geared at helping you the best way they can, by combating and removing

the things that are breaking your business down. This is where is useful. This site works by removing

negative search results so consumers aren’t greeted with them when

they search you or your business online.

Using the information in this article, you have the potential to

look squeaky clean to your consumers again, so try it out!

Brad Reifler’s Achievements As A Financial Expert

Financial professionals play a crucial role in providing solutions to various financial problems. However, it is imperative for clients to know that not everyone that claims to be a financial expert is indeed competent. Before subscribing to the services offered by a financial expert, it is advisable to go through his or her financial history. The history will provide details of past engagements, which may provide the client with crucial information. This way, clients are able to make informed decisions about enlisting the services of such an expert or not.

On the web, Brad Reifler’s name appears among the successful financial experts. The New-York based expert has been the CEO of Forefront Capital Markets Management since 2009. Previously, Brad served in the management of various corporations within the United States. Currently, he serves on the board of Genesis Securities, Foresight research solutions and European Investment bank. Brad also serves as Milkbrook School’s Trustee. He has also worked for affiliate companies such as Symmetry Property Development, Roots markets, Sino Mercury Acquisition Corporation and CIFCO International Group. Brad seeks to provide innovative solutions to clients’ problems through using his experience, determination and hard work.

In the recent past, Brad initiated the Forefront Income Trust. This interval fund has aided most middle-income Americans to consider investing in different forms of incomes. Reports by the media indicate that most people contend that the initiative will save individuals from poverty. Brad is working towards ensuring that the company ranks among the powerful companies to be established in New York. He has dedicated time and resources to satisfying client’s financial utility. This information was originally reported on BC Exploration as highlighted in the following link

The graduate of Bowdoin College majored in economics and political science. His entrepreneurial journey started after forming Reifler Trading Company. The corporation zeroed in on financial research and global derivatives. Brad’s management skills resulted in the company’s growth to rank among the leading corporations. The company was eventually sold to Refco Company. Brad is the Founder of Pali Capital. His financial skills saw the company enhance its revenues to reach the $200 million mark. In addition, Brad managed to open offices in Australia, United Kingdom and the United States.  All listed on Wikipedia as a part of Brad’s empire.

Brad asserts that investment is not a preserve of the rich because every individual has the potential to invest. Over the years, he has made numerous appearances in various platforms. His message of financial empowerment has helped many middle and low-income individuals to invest for their future. Brad continues to empower people on financial freedom through providing them with new and innovative ways of planning for their future.

George Soros on How He Sees the Next Financial Crisis Looming

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has a primary Super Pac that received a $6 million donation from George Soros last December. Soros remains one of the largest donors ever in American politics. The Hungarian born American is a wealthy philanthropist, investor, lecturer, author, and owner of multiple businesses.

The recent donation brings his total in 2015 to $8 million, as far as giving to groups that support Clinton. Priorities USA Action is the super PAC that was the recipient of the billionaire’s money. The group managed to bring in $25 million in the last half alone of 2015. This is according to a report filed with the FEC (Federal Election Commission). That is an impressive total of $41 million for the super PAC in all of 2015. It means they will have $36 million left to spend at their discretion for 2016.

Haim Saban is another large donor for the latter half of the year. The Hollywood icon and Cheryl Saban, his wife, came together to offer $3 million. In addition, Donald Sussman and Herb Sandler both contributed $1.5 million to the PAC each. Another super PAC actually stepped up and donated as well. It is called Working for Working Americans. They provided $1.5 million.
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Still, George Soros’ donation is unique, and not just because he donated more. He also managed to give money to Priorities USA ($1 million) and American Bridge 21st Century (another super PAC that supports Clinton). He has demonstrated that he will consistently donate $1 million or more in elections. In fact, he has given more than $20 million to politics since 2004, when he tried to keep President George W. Bush from becoming president.

After that, george Soros notably stopped giving so much to politics. Priorities USA tried to squeeze much more than $1 million from Soros in 2012, with no luck. President Obama still managed to be re-elected, however. In fact, George Soros did tell someone close to Clinton that he wished he would have supported Clinton instead of Obama in 2008. These reports are according to emails that the State Department has released.

Super PACs like Priorities USA are still asking Soros for money in 2016. It seems that a check from Soros is a blessing and good omen about a candidate’s luck in the presidential race. If people were to bet on billionaires to determine the outcome, Soros may be a good choice. On the other side, conservatives are set to donate over $1 billion to their respective political campaigns.

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Philip Diehl Enlightening Podcast With Eric Dye

Philip Diehl is a phenomenal person with a lot of managerial experience. During a recent interview podcast with Eric Dye he talked about his journey and experiences in the US Money Reserve servitude. He is accredited with turning around the American Mint which had faded into absolution.

Philip Diehl believes that customer satisfaction is the best marketing tool. During his six year stint at American mint he came up with various creative marketing strategies. Within his six year period the agency enjoyed favorable customer reviews. According to the Epod Cast Network, he will be remembered for his revolutionary introductions such as the first U.S government issued platinum coin akin to the US Money Reserve.

During the interview he talked about his journey and aspirations. He was keen to emphasis that customers are everything and their satisfaction is all that mattered in a business. A man with his particular skill set is always in demand and it was not long before he moved to U.S Money Reserve.

He was appointed as the president of the company which is renowned for its precious metals quality. Under his leadership the company has increased its sales and introduced new gold coins. It was evident during the podcast that the company was reliable and valued its clients. He recently unveiled a program that enables people to store their wealth in form of gold coins since gold will not lose its value.

Trading in state issued and assured gold coins is essential since they have the guarantee of the government. They can be compared to legal tenders such as dollars, the U.S mint coins can be classified under this category.

According to U.S Money Reserve is a prominent precious metals company that issues and distributes U.S issued precious coins. It core values revolve around purity and customerÕs money worth in terms of the coins issued. The company has rolled out several programs that are meant to help it improve its coin portfolio and also enlighten its customers. Major world currencies are declining with no signs of improvement in the near future.

U.S Money Reserve has taken the opportunity to launch the IRA program that will see people convert their savings into gold. According to their website the company seeks to provide the best customer experience coupled with competitive coin prices.

CrunchBase which can be accessed via states that U.S Money Reserve enjoys national wide recognition. According to the same site the company is set to unveil a bronze statue in remembrance of the Pearl Harbor attack.

Securus Technologies Reassures Its Market Of Best Services After Winning A Court Battle Against FCC

Securus Technologies is a worldwide recognized American civil and criminal justice technological firm is currently in a celebratory mood. This firm that offers public safety, corrections, investigations and monitoring services to correctional facilities market has just won a lawsuit it had filed at United States Court of Appeals. In this lawsuit, Securus Technologies was seeking a dismissal of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) new policy.

The FCC was moving forward a policy that would enable the Federation to apply rate caps on the current intrastate rates. Securus Technologies said that the FCC wanted to impose inappropriate interim interstate charges on to the intrastate rates which falls outside their jurisdiction. Securus Technologies went ahead and said that the FCC should recheck its legal boundaries before initiating such policies. This firm added that this would prevent future instances where the Federation would try to infringe on the firm’s clients rights.

Within the last 14 days, Securus Technologies has managed to protect its client’s interests in the corridors of justice twice. The first instance was against the weight of FCC’s decisions on the market’s inmate communication rates and fees. Securus Technologies also took this opportunity to point an accusing finger to FCC for trying to ruin the operations of the well-established inmate communication industry. This firm also assured its clients in the corrections facilities and law enforcement sectors that it will always put their interests at the heart of their decisions. Securus Technologies also said that it will not allow foreign factors to ruin the good relationship between service providers and clients in this industry. This firm also said that it will always be at the forefront in preventing foreign inversion to the corrections facilities, inmate communication and law enforcement sectors. 

Securus Technologies is the biggest firm both marketwise and product wise in the correctional facilities, inmate communication, and law enforcement sectors. This firm has numerous cutting-edge technological products such as the THREAD 3.1, the mobile-based video visitation application and the amazing, intelligent devices in this market (download the free app from Google Play here). The THREAD 3.1 is a hosting platform for the entire inmate communication, monitoring, and analysis system for this industry. This Securus product is made of the latest technology that allows multitasking during criminal investigations. It also offers a wide unconventional investigation tool. This tool has played a significant role in the uncovering and prevention numerous criminal activities recently. Its other products such as the mobile based video visitation application and intelligent devices are doing greatly in the market so far.


Securus Technologies is in no way a part of the Amazon Securus product nor the website, Securus America.

Securus House is a domestic violence victims center and is also a separate entity.