Rona Borre is a Successful Woman Entrepreneur Leading the Staffing Industry in Chicago


Rona Borre, Leading Woman in the Business World

Rona Borre is recognized as a successful, female entrepreneur in the Chicago area, and she is continually growing. Ms. Borre founded the Instant Alliance in 2001 after she had graduated from the University of Arizona with a B.S. in business. Her career began shortly after, and she has a talent for perfectly connecting and helping other people. Connecting entrepreneurs with excellent staff allows her to help her clients build successful companies as she has.


Instant Alliance is an agency that does the work for the client; they find excellent people to create inspired environments that impact the culture of the business. Her team of seven, stellar staff members are all interested in making the best connections in technology staffing and finance staffing, and they have excelled. Ms. Borre has been acknowledged many times for the superior work of her agency, and the help they do on a daily basis.


For several years, Rona Borre has held leadership positions in three establishments: the Young Presidents Organization, the Economic Club of Chicago, and The Chicago Network. Rona has been on T.V. numerous times for feature spots, including USA Today, CNBC, CBS 2 Chicago, CNN, and Crain’s Chicago. See


She has been recognized as a leading woman in the business world and recognized by the National Association of Women Business Owners, the Influential Woman in Business by The Business Ledger and other prestigious acknowledgements. Being noticed as the Enterprising Woman of the Year by Enterprising Women Magazine was perhaps her most prestigious.


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Troy McQuagge of the USHEALTH Group gets acknowledged for his Excellent Work

Troy McQuagge is a specialist in the provision of insurance services. He has been working for the USHEALTH Group since 2010 and is its current chief executive officer. Mr. McQuagge’s performance at the company has been remarkable, and this has enabled him to gain recognition from the One Planet Award that honored him as the CEO of the Year’s Gold Winner. The One Planet is a highly appreciated around the globe, and its primary role is to recognize the excellent work to top companies and professionals in all types of industries across the planet. The organization openly receives nominations from all businesses across the world.


Mr. McQuagge’s first responsibility at the USHEALTH Group was to facilitate the transformation of the USHEALTH Advisors, which is currently the primary body that the company uses in distributing its products and services. He did an excellent job that bettered the performance of the agency. The USHEALTH Group later appointed him to serve as president and CEO in 2014. His performance at the office has also been exceptional. The company has been making record breaking profits despite the competitiveness of the United States’ health insurance industry. Troy McQuaage was gratified by the award, and he believes that the efforts of the all the employees of the firm led to the award. He said that the One Planet’s recognition proves that the USHEALTH Group is always striving to offer the best health insurance solutions to Americans. The products and services of the company are highly flexible since it customizes them to suit the needs of the income and the requirements of a person.


One Planet Award has been dedicated to appreciating any organization or individual who offers excellent services to the consumers. Its honor is offered in various categories, and they include corporate communications, organizations, teams, executives, and public relations. The foundation has provided more information about the award on its website.


Americans have trusted the USHEALTH Group as a firm the offers dependable health insurance solution. It runs its business is managed from its headquarters in Ft. Worth, Texas. The main customers who buy its products are people who run small businesses and individuals who are self-employed. The company ensures that it carries on its legacy offering excellent services by utilizing the abilities of its agents and staff. The USHEALTH Group’s customer service is also superb. It has developed a competent plan for processing claims, and it allows clients to get compensated in time.


Stephen Rotella: The Financial Management Expert



Stephen Rotella is currently the CEO of StoneCastle LLC, a firm that provides financial advice and cash management services. Stephen is an alumnus of the State University of New York, Stony Brook where he graduated in 1975 with an Economics bachelor’s degree. He attained his Master’s degree in Finance and Information Systems from State University of New York, Albany in the year 1978.


Early Career


Stephen Rotella worked in the retail brokerage, systems consulting and mutual funds sector. During his time as the chair of Chase’s advisory council, he prioritized the increase of loans to underserved communities in the society. This demonstrated his desire to give back to the community.


His career in the finance industry spans more than three decades. He is vastly experienced in strategic and operational leadership with a specialty in retail marketing, internet banking, organizational development, large scale operational, and asset management. He has served as a member of boards in different firms such as Ballet Met, Chase Home Finance LLC, and Vericrest Advisory LLC, among many others.


Washington Mutual, Inc


In December 2004, Washington Mutual named Rotella as its next President and Chief Operating Officer. During that time, Stephen was an executive at JP Morgan Chase, a multinational banking, and financial services holding company. Stephen’s new job would see him be in charge of the retail, commercial, and mortgage lines of Washington Mutual. He would also oversee the technology department and day to day administration.


Stephen’s expertise in the industries along with his high values was key to him landing the job. The firm reiterated that his addition reflected its commitment to hiring the crème de la crème of the industry to achieve operational excellence.


Mr. Rotella served as CEO of Washington Mutual between 2005 and 2008.


StoneCastle Cash Management LLC


Stephen took reigns of StoneCastle Cash Management LLC in 2011. The firm, based in New York, provides financial advisory services, investment management, and banking services in addition to cash management.


Under Rotella’s leadership, StoneCastle recently acquired deposit sweep business from Intermedium Financial. This move fortified StoneCastle’s position as the top dog in the provision of insured deposits to institutional investors. It also expanded the firm’s distribution options and increased efficiency in client transactions.

Doe Deere Makes Dreams Come True With LimeCrime!

Doe Deere is a makeup phenomenon racing at the speed of light into the future of the cosmetics industry! Speaking up for the importance of makeup that allows for individuality to take flight, Doe Deere has designed a company by the name of LimeCrime to produce highly pigmented cosmetics products that are animal friendly and don’t destroy your skin! As the CEO and Founder of LimeCrime, Doe Deere is making waves in the beauty industry with her extravagant brand full of fun colors and concepts that everyone can enjoy no matter what their personal style demands are. Ranging from holographic, baby blue, and bold vampy colors to make you swoon, Doe Deere’s LimeCrime has a little bit of everything with an intensity that will make your jaw drop and your soul do donuts in the parking lot with total excitement and pride in the appearance you’ve always wanted that is finally coming true. No longer is it just simply a dream to become a beacon of bold expression, LimeCrime is taking over the world and calling men and women everywhere up to the forefront so that they can get their hands on the perfect products for their skin, their personality, and the environment!

With different sheens such as matte, metallic, and pearly, there is a whole lot of incredible choices  lying in wait for you at the LimeCrime website, anxiously awaiting being able to glide across your supple lips and turn them into a vibrant stop sign that says, “I’m not afraid of who I am; see me and love the colors of my soul!” Doe Deere has made a dream come true! It’s a wonder how we ever lived without LimeCrime in our lives before it came into the world. Once you buy some of her Unicorn Lipstick, Venus Palettes of eyeshadow, and Black Magic pop on nails, you will never be able to go back to any other brand. You’ll love how you look and feel and all your animal buddies will appreciate your step in protecting their rights against being tortured for the sake of lipgloss wand. There’s no better cosmetic brands around who understand you like Doe Deere’s LimeCrime does. It sees and respects who you are at your core and wants to inspire and empower you to be the person you’ve always felt you were inside. It’s time to stop hiding! Be you with LimeCrime!

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The Service of Helane Morrison to the SEC.

Helane Morrison is a successful attorney who has spent most of her career life at the Securities and Exchange Commission. The regulatory institution hired her in 1996, and she has served various offices at the San Francisco District. Morrison has been rising through the ranks, and she was the enforcement director of the division for three years. Her service at that capacity was exceptional since took legal actions against companies such as the California Micro Device’s auditors and the Dean Witter. She was recently appointed by the SEC to serve as the head of the San Francisco District. Her promotion was made public by the organization’s chair, Arthur Levitt.


Morrison will be supervising all the undertaking of the San Francisco District, and these will include the examination and enforcement activities. Her jurisdiction will be within Washington, North California, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, North Nevada, and Montana. Helane’s district reports to the Los Angeles-based Pacific Region office. The former chief of her district was known as David Bayless. He held the position for five years and later quit to work for the Morrison & Foerster law company as a partner.



Apart from the endless accomplishments of Helane at the SEC, she also had an outstanding career when she was still serving as an attorney. She represented a broad range of clients who included SEC investigators. The lawyer was also hired to defend individuals and businesses that were litigated by the SEC. Morrison was a legal counsel of companies that were battling with class action lawsuits that were associated with securities matters. Stock trading corporations and brokers also sought for her services when they had legal problems with their clients. Most her practice as an attorney was within San Francisco. She was also hired by the Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin law firm.


Morrison has achieved a lot as a woman in the legal sector. There are very few female chiefs at the SEC’s districts. Other women who have managed to hold the top positions are Valerie Caproni, Carmen Lawrence, and Mary Keefe who serve as heads of various areas. The San Francisco District Office has been receiving a lot of work in the past few months, and this led it to hire more staff to serve the examinations and the enforcement departments. It currently has 60 employees. Helane said that her office is devoted to offering useful information about securities to the public.


Arthur Becker Investment Deals

Arthur Becker is a New York Based Real Estate, Information technology, and biotechnology investor. Arthur is the current chairman and the CEO of Zinio LLC, a company that deals with digital publishing services to the United States and Global clients. Under Arthur Becker’s leadership, the company has extended its customer base and has introduced new digital platforms such as Android applications to make digital magazine accessible to as many readers as possible.
Since 2002, Arthur has been the managing member of Atlantic Group, which invests in real estate. Atlantic group deals with developing commercial and residential houses and work their best to maintain the friendship with their clients. With Arthur in the committee, the company has strategically grown to cover more areas such as Bluffton, Effingham, and Savannah. Becker says that the group was formed as an idea and has grown to be one of the fastest growing privately owned companies in California.
Other than that, Arthur is also the managing director of Madison Technology Group LLC, for over 16 years. In his position as the managing director, he has contributed to the business consultancy field and has enhanced the way software are developed to give tailor made solutions to their clients. At Madison, Arthur has depicted his leadership abilities by making the Company access more customers and creating a good image to the public.
Arthur attended Bennington College for his BA and later Truck School of Business at Dartmouth for his business course. Business has been Arthur’s way 0f life and always urges the young to invest their mind in business. Arthur Becker established a program to fund entrepreneurs as ways to encourage them to grow their entrepreneurial ideas as well as helping prospective entrepreneurs not to give up their ideas.
Arthur is a strong believer that technology is the key to the advanced and improved state of any business, and hence invests in technology related developments a lot. Arthur says that dedication and commitment are his two core values that have made him the successful businessman he is today. Arthur Becker believes that investing secures one’s future, and that’s why he is always investing in the coming deals.

The OSI Group: A Global Supplier Of Meat, Dough And Vegetable Products

The OSI Group is a meat processing company founded in Illinois in 1909. Founded by German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky as a family meat market, the company has grown to become one of America’s largest privately owned companies. Today the OSI Group provides meat, dough and vegetable products for the retail and food service industries. OSI Group employs over 20,000 people working in there more than 65 facilities located in 17 countries North America, Eastern and Western Europe as well as the Asia-Pacific region.

Otto Kolschowsky expanded into the wholesale meat trade in 1917 and developed a reputation for offing the highest quality meats at fair prices. The company grew rapidly after agreeing to provide ground beef patties for the fledgling McDonald’s franchise beginning in 1955. After acquiring cryogenic food processing technology the company then called Otto & Sons opened a high-volume meat plant in 1973 in West Chicago. It also created Glenmark, a separate unit, to provide area restaurant with specialty meats and area supermarkets with processed meats. The company changed its name to OSI Industries in 1975 and continued to grow as McDonald’s continued to add new locations.

OSI Group now operates its U.S. plants in Illinois, Iowa, Utah, California and California as OSI Industries. The company makes products like bacon, dough, meat patties, hot dogs, pizza, fish, poultry, pork and vegetable products.

OSI Group also supply meat for western fast food chains like Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza, Starbucks and Subway doing business in China. The OSI Group also produces private label brands and co-packs brand name items for a number of food service and retail customers and generates over $6.1 billion in revenue. According to Forbes that makes them the 58 largest private company in the world.

Over the years the OSI Group facilities have been singled out for awards for their environmental management as well as their management of safety and health risks. The company is now a premier global food supplier with unparalleled resources and reach. OSI Group boasts extensive capabilities for custom food product development as well as the management of global food supply chain including sourcing, processing, distribution and delivery of custom food products to fit any operation and maximize opportunities.

The company is focused on the production of high-quality custom food products. The OSI Group also has the ability to support any company’s global presence and quickly respond to their changing needs with responsiveness and consistency.

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Keith Mann Gets Results

When it’s all said and done and the day is over, people like to know one simple question, “Did you get the job done?” That is the question that weighs on everyone’s mind when it comes to someone in charge. They do not want to hear any excuses. They simply want results. If there is an individual out there that gets results each and every time, it is Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners. He does not settle for anything less. He demands results out of himself and will not settle for anything less. That is the way he is wired and that is the way he is programmed.

Another way he is programmed is to help out other people when the chance presents itself. He knows he is in the position he is in because of the hard work, long hours, and extra effort he has put into the job. That just means he wants to use all of that for something good and something positive. Right now, that is the Uncommon School Districts. These are for the kids that might not come from very well off families and need a little help and a little guidance. There is nothing wrong with asking for that and receiving it.

The kids don’t ask for it, though, as Keith Mann makes it his mission to hold fundraisers that raise over twenty-two thousand dollars. Keith Mann is a busy person, but he is never too busy for the kids. He always makes time for the kids and the young adults and especially education. He knows the importance of it and he knows how far it will take them in life. He does not want anything like money to get in the way of that or prevent them from having a future that is bright and filled with possibilities.

With this fundraiser, he knows that his money is going to go toward something that he believes in and that is opening doors for other young adults to have a chance at a four-year college. He knows that once that door is opened, they are going to knock it down and make something special out of their lives.

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Relmada Therapeutics Files Amended Suit Against Laidlaw & Company

Relmada Therapeutics, a company that develops novel chronic pain therapies, has filed an amended legal complaint against the law firm Laidlaw & Company as well as James Ahern and Matthew Eitner, its principals. The motion filed in the District of Nevada of the U.S. District Court was an amended complaint related to a charge Relmada Therapeutics made that Laidlaw disclosed confidential information and thereby violated its fiduciary duty. Relmada is asking for legal fees, costs and monetary damages.

Relmada pointed out Laidlaw and its principals were under an injunction and a temporary restraining order from the Nevada courts related to the case. Relmada’s amended complaint adds an additional legal claim based on Laidlaw’s action in an attempt to have the courts prevent Laidlaw from harming the company’s reputation in the future. Laidlaw was Relmada’s primary investment banker for years. In 2015 Relmada expressed its dissatisfaction with Laidlaw’s action saying they divulged confidential information to the SEC and have been violating securities laws on the state and federal level.

Founded in 1842, Laidlaw & Company was one of America’s first investment banks. Today the firm has offices all over the world serving high net-worth individuals, corporations and institutions. The company continues to be on sound investment practice vanguard. The firm has grown from Hewitt Lees & co., a two person firm in a New York City merchant house, to private banker in 1866 and changed its name to Laidlaw & Company in 1873. Since then its become am NYSE member in 1878 and was the first NYSE member to have securities branches in Montreal and Toronto.

By 1942 Laidlaw & Co. was engaged in securities brokerage, asset management along with investment banking. Today the company is a much respected major player in global markets through online trading and other investment methods.

Online Reputation Management Strategies with Status Lab

If you want think that online reputation management is only for the big companies or that it is a onetime thing, think again. ORM is an ongoing thing that is very important for every business, irrespective of size.


Your online reputation to a large extent determines whether your business will be successful or will reach its bottom line before it can even get to the growth stage. Besides, the nature of business is changing to where the customers now go online when they are searching for products and services. Should they meet poor reviews on your business, they will lose trust of your business and their chances of buying from you or even checking you out will be closer to zero. If you understand how important ORM is to your business, you will not even consider the cost factor. Getting a good reputation management company is the best thing you can do for your business. If you don’t know of any reputable ORM companies to work with, Status Labs is an ideal choice. Here is review on the company to help you make an informed decision, whether to work with them or not.


Status Labs is a leading international Online Reputation Management company headquartered in Austin, Texas. The company also has offices in New York and in São Paulo. With a clientele of over 1500 and in over 35 countries, Status Labs has no doubt become a popular of many companies and public figures. Some of their notable customers include the Fortune 100 companies.

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