Heeeeere’s Jonny!

If you have never heard of Jon Urbana before, you need to pay attention to the world around you more often. A veritable dynamo of a man, he is a self-made entrepreneur who seemingly has the Midas touch when it comes to his endeavors.

Coming from the world of collegiate lacrosse where he played for the Villanova Wildcats and was crowned Colonial Athletic Association’s Defensive Player of the Year in 2004, Jon Urbana quickly took the reins of success after graduating with a B.A. in Economics.

He played professional lacrosse for a number of years but, after retiring, Jon Urbana found his calling in business development. In 2011, he co-founded Next Level Lacrosse Camp, a youth camp that allows Colorado kids to train and play with professional players. Only a few years later, in January 2013, he became the Head of Business Development for the Denver-based Ellipse USA, where he oversees the marketing Department and marketing materials for the burgeoning aesthetic IPL and Laser systems company.

Besides his professional accomplishments, Jon has utilized his business acumen to work with the Earth Force Inc charity, which, according to Jon himself, seeks to inspire and mobilize youth to participate in environmental causes. Jon seeks to leverage his name recognition to help drive donations to the international charity.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

In his “free time”, he has enveloped himself in electronic music, dabbling mainly in re-mixes but also developing songs of his own, which can be heard at Jon’s Soundcloud page. To learn even more about Jon Urbana, check out his official blog, The Life of an Entrepreneur

Checking Out: Marcio Alaor

Marcio Alaor is the vice president of the BMG bank. This bank is one of the biggest in Brazil and has a large employee and client base. These people look up to the executives and trust that they will give them the best banking and employment experience possible.

Marcio Alaor has been the vice president of the bank since he worked his way up the corporate totem pole. He has struggled and has been given many opportunities, all of which he took and ran with. He always looks for people who have the same success mindset that he has. He makes sure that all of the people that he hires are as dedicated as he has always been. He knows that this is what makes a great employee. Education and experience will mean nothing if the employee doesn’t have a drive toward greatness.

Throughout his career with the bank, Marcio Alaor has worked to make his entire experience better. He has always made sure that he was able to do the best job possible for the bank and that he always remained successful, despite the failures that may have occurred along the way. He has dedicated his life to the clients that he has and has always aimed to be better, no matter what he was doing at the time. This is what has pushed him to the position that he is in and what has allowed him to be so successful with all of the positions that he has held at the bank.

Starting out as an entry-level banker, Marcio Alaor did not know much about the banking world. He was offered the position as a result of his dedication toward greatness and continued to prove all of the executives right about the way that he handled business. He made sure that he did the best job possible, even though it was somewhat of a lowly position. He was promoted out of it and began working his way through the bank. This allowed him the opportunity to eventually become the vice president of the bank.

Marcio Alaor was not always on the path toward becoming a vice president at one of the biggest banks in Brazil. He started out as a shoe shiner. When he did this type of work, he made sure that he always did the best job possible. He took pride in his work, was polite to his customers and was not afraid to voice his ambitions. For this reason, an executive at BMG bank took notice. He promptly offered him a position with the bank. Once in that position, Marcio Alaor continued to work hard and the rest of the story continues with hims being consistently promoted.

Social Media Reflects The Interests Of Jon Urbana

The life of most people is largely lived on social media in the 21st century, which has become one of the major areas of interests for the former lacrosse star Jon Urbana. The Head of Business for Ellipse Technologies has become one of the most active users of social media sites and shows off much of his life through these accounts. From the often used accounts of Facebook and Twitter, Jon Urbana has also become active on the Instagram platform to highlight his own photography skills.

Photography has become ever more important in the life of Jon Urbana, particularly in the social media outlets for his activities. Urbana has become a popular user of his own blogs, and the photo based Instagram. These social media platforms are filled with the work of Jon Urbana, but also show the world just how he has been influenced by other photographers who feature on his range of blogs.

The work of Jon Urbana as a photographer also shows off just how he has become a world traveler based upon his own aviation skills. Many different landscapes are featured in the photography, and social media sites of Urbana to display the areas of the U.S. and the world he has visited. The popular lacrosse player has become such a seasoned traveler and aviation expert that he now features on the FAA Airmen Database, which is only open to those with the highest level of aviation training.

From an Airplane, by Jon Urbana from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Despite the many different achievements Jon Urbana is known for he remains a popular figure in the lacrosse community. Urbana has developed a community based coaching camp held each Summer known as the Next Level Lacrosse Camp. This range of lacrosse camps are held each year too offer young people the chance to learn more about the game, and develop as citizens of the U.S.

Real Estate Mavericks Changing the Way the Real Estate World Works

Greg Hague of Scottsdale, Arizona has a lot of career titles. He’s an entrepreneur, attorney, author and businessman. You may not his career passion—for 35 years he’s been shaking things up in the residential real estate industry. Hague has built multiple real estate firms over the years. Now he’s participating in speaking events around the United States.

According to Hague, the basic process for selling residential properties hasn’t changed in about 75 years. Many real estate firms aren’t using the Amazon/Apple level sales strategies to sell real estate. This means that, according to his research, home sellers are getting 3 to 8 percent less money per sale.

What is the basic process for selling residential properties? Hague calls it “hope marketing.” It’s where agents put a sign in the yard of a home, run a few ads, place the property in MLS and hope the house sells. Hope marketing creates a grocery store effect for the market. The house is the loaf of bread on the shelf waiting for someone to buy it.

Anyone looking at Apple’s selling process would recognize what’s wrong with the current market. The process for launching the iPhone is more sophisticated from advertising to placing the product on the market.

Is Hague out to change the real estate market? Yes. One thing is often repeated about Hague. If real estate was a team, he’d be the quarterback. It looks like his team would be the Real Estate Mavericks. Real Estate Mavericks is a real estate coaching company he plans to use to turn the business around.

Real Estate Mavericks offers coaching courses for real estate agents. One course offered in his new venture is called 29 Day Fast Sale Formula and LinkedIn Pro. Another example of what people attending the Real Estate Mavericks will learn is the 22-Step Home Launch Formula. He also offers training courses via his business. Anyone can attend the live events hosted by the Real Estate Mavericks.

These programs are a start to teaching agents how to build excitement and demand when selling a property. It eliminates the perception of the longer the house stays on the market, the more problems it has. This also eliminates the death of the price of the home. The excitement and demand keeps the price at a level beneficial to home sellers.

In fact, one of the first steps in the 22-Step Home Launch Formula involves anticipation building and pre-launching. These things are done way before putting a sign in the yard or submitting information MLS. The pre-launch period includes things like scripted messages to create intrigue and curiosity about the home.

With curiosity and excitement building, the agent will follow up with a series of personalized private showings to potential buyers. These buyers are most likely to pay more money because they fear losing the home if they don’t act immediately. Besides, buyers love being part of something special. It’s not often they are participating in something most people aren’t privy to.

Read more about Greg Hague and the Real Estate Mavericks on Forbes.com

Majeed Ekbal Raising Money for Nepal

Towards the beginning of 2015, Nepal suffered a devastating earthquake. The damage experienced within the country itself proved to be nothing the locals had ever been forced to deal with before. Houses and often entire towns were destroyed, making it difficult for the locals to rebuild. It is not a wealthy nation, so rebuilding schools and homes became next to impossible without the financial assistance of outsiders. Money started to pour in from outside locations all across the globe. Individuals, businesses and nations both near and far donated money to help rebuilt the nation and the damaged areas. However, the country is still suffering from the damages and it is why individuals are looking to continually raise money for the country. The philanthropist Majeed Ekbal has decided to join the cause and to help raise money for the nation. It is why he created a Go Fund Me account in order to help raise money.

Clay Sculptures by Majeed Ekbal from Majeed Ekbal on Vimeo.

The campaign created by Majeed Ekbal is inline with a larger crowdfunded campaign, which has a total goal of $1 million dollars. Ekbal understands it is not possible for him alone to raise the one million dollars, which is why he has set his eyes on $20,000. He wishes to raise this amount of money and then to donate the money to the larger cause. The company knows how to disperse the money in order to make sure the rightful parties receive it. This money is all design to go to provide medical services to residents living in the nation who have not been about to receive proper care since the devastation while also offer disaster relief to those who are still living without homes since the destruction of their own homes.

Mr. Majeed Ekbal is a rather well-known Chicago real estate investor and he has made his money investing throughout the city of Chicago. This includes opening up large grocery chains throughout the city in order to ensure residents are always able to obtain fresh foods and produce for their homes as many of these regions did not have access to large grocery stores before. Check out Majeed’s Tumblr account for more updates.

Innovations in Dog Food Increase Quality and Sales

Obsessed with Quality
The Freshpet production facility in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is obsessed with quality products. Freshpet is a rapid growing innovator that is growing in popularity and earning an excellent reputation within the pet-food industry. Sales surge with this premium dog food. Innovations in healthy cooked meat products spike sales and lead to satisfaction from cat and dog owners.
Recipes Off the Manufacturing Line
A tube of Chunky Chicken along with Turkey Recipe can be seen being cut into by Richard Thompson right off the manufacturing line. The chief executive officer has an obsession with quality. The small gourmet-food manufacturer will only use the freshest ingredients in these products. These products are also limited in the time meals sit on the shelves. This will ensure that all items eaten are fresh and filled with flavor. Michael Hieger is the manufacturing chief who will pop a slice of this delicious recipe into his mouth. Impromptu tasting happens on tours of the Freshpet Inc. factory in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. This factory will crank out industrial refrigerated pet food that is made with delicious recipes that are fit for any dining-room table. This would be the tables of dogs and cats. Quality and taste are included.
Beneful will Fill Every Bowl with Goodness
Beneful has a passion for pets. This is a company that will ensure that every bowl is filled and overflowing goodness. Your pet deserves to enjoy the freshest ingredients. Delicious and flavorful meals will keep your pet happy and healthy. Provide your pet with delicious meals that are 100 percent balanced and offer the needed nutrients.
Beneful Provides Tasty Products for Pets
Beneful does know what your pet desires. A tasty meal will keep your pet feeling great. Nutrition must be filled with flavor. Your pet can indeed have it their way when you choose Beneful.

Benefits of Better Quality Dog Food

Dog food comes in all shapes, varieties, brands and sizes, making it especially tricky to know if you are choosing a product that is right for your dog. Your dog is a part of the family and you want to know that he or she is getting the best food available to them. One of the ways to do this is by switching from a lower-quality food brand to one that uses wholesome ingredients without all of those fillers and by-products that you have heard so many bad things about. You might want to check out the brand known as Beneful, since this is one of the top dog food brands available at the current moment. One of the main benefits of choosing Beneful is that all of their products contain only the highest quality ingredients that are great for your dog. These ingredients will give your dog more energy, have their coat looking gorgeous and allow your dog to live his life to the fullest. Switching to a brand like Beneful is great for all ages of dogs, but it is especially vital for puppies and seniors. As puppies grow, they need more wholesome foods that are good for their coats and growth. As a dog ages and begins to grow old, you will notice that better quality foods like Beneful will help their joints and bone health. Beneful is a trusted brand on Amazon that you can feel confident in choosing for your dog, so make sure to consider it if you’re looking for a new brand to switch to. There are a lot of different varieties that you can choose, but this is something that you might want to research before simply going to the local pet store and picking up the cheapest one on sale. It is oftentimes better to put a little bit of extra money towards the dog food that you’re choosing because you will know it has great ingredients put into it. Beneful is a great brand for this purpose and can be a wonderful way for you to know that you are doing something great for your dog.

Strategies to The Attainment of Business Stability With Solo Capital


If you are planning to invest and reap full benefits, it is advisable to keep track of challenges that could stall a business. There are various issues that people in business have been working on to no avail. This could be attributed to lack of expertise and skills that are necessary to help make the venture successful. To avoid failing in business, it is necessary to follow steps that will allow you to emerge among top brands in the market. Get professional assistance as this will allow you to understand better how to deal with challenges in the market. Many companies have been launched to work in this industry and to help investors to claim benefits. Solo Capital is among few that have stood up to protect the integrity that is expected of such firms as they have worked on offering the best to all clients.

Solo Capital has dealt with many aspects of managing investments and offering assistance to businesses to allow them to make better decisions. The company has been ranked among top firms that have been able to offer investment management services without getting into scam cases or indulging in breach. This has attracted many people to seek their services and to work with them. Investment management is necessary especially for upcoming companies that are yet to claim a good position in the market. This is one of the things that young entrepreneurs have ignored thereby entering into deals that have sometimes turned out into losses.

Proprietary trading is a field that is becoming common among many individuals and companies. It has become necessary to trust professionals to help in the transactions and to make it easy to handle various challenges that one would face while transacting property of huge value. Solo Capital comes in to fill the gap and to eliminate all fear and possibility of getting losses. They have tailored services that allow them to avail all documentation that is necessary for a business to succeed.

Many people have worked with Solo Capital and their experiences have been positive. The company is run by individuals who have been in the world of business for more than ten years and they have worked on ensuring all the transactions they handle are governed by honesty and the need to remain vigilant about changes in the market. To learn everything about Solo Capital, you can contact them through their Twitter handle or Facebook page.

Slyce Unveils Slyce Link And Works With Fortune 500 Company

The New Way To Shop

Slyce has been making big waves in the online shopping industry with its brilliant new technology of visual search. The consumer no longer has the frustration that they are used to having with long lines at shopping malls. They have been accustomed to the convenience of shopping that can be done with the click of a button for a few decades now. It is easy for anyone with a smart phone or tablet to find their favorite products online with a few quick searches. Slyce took this concept to a whole new level, allowing people to simply press a button on their phone to take a picture in order to search for their purchases. This new advent is the future of our retail industries, and this article will discuss what types of changes Slyce has made with retailers. We will also discuss how the Slyce platform is changing and how this will effect sales.

Slyce’s Newest Connections Mean Bigger Profits

This information came from the news source Marketwired that reports that Slyce is now connected with a major company. This new connection is a Fortune 500 Company that deals with toy production and sales. This new connection alone is expected to double Slyce’s profits. They have already established serious connections with major retailers and online stores that Slyce offers on their platform. Slyce directly connects with retailers to provide excellent and efficient service. The new connection is going to be offered on Slyce along with this retailer’s specials and sales that consumers will likely take advantage of by making purchases through Slyce.

Great Changes In Slyce’s Platform

The application has been changing ever since Slyce started in order to offer better services to customers. Slyce has brought on board an entire department of customer care specialists whose role is to help customers find their perfect match for their purchase. The company has just added a new feature the the popular platform called Slyce Link. This new feature will help consumers find alternative selections for their purchase in the event that their item is not available. This will help retailers make up for profit loss when items are out of stock.

Kyle Bass is Challenging Drug Patents through the Coalition for Affordable Drugs

Towards the end of November, Kyle Bass, a hedge fund manager challenged the patents for a weight loss tablet and an anesthetic formula. That was part of his campaign against “Zombie” drugs. In the month of November, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, which was started by Kyle Bass and Erich Spangenberg has challenged about 33 drug patents. It has made the challenge via the inter parties review (IPR) process of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. The American Invents Act established the IPR process.

However, many of the nonprofit and Biopharma companies have claimed that Bass and Spangenberg are abusing the IPR system for their personal gains. Bass and Spangenberg have challenged different patents in the previous years. This is not the first time that they are in court. Bass claims that he challenges the patents for the benefit of patients. However, many people believe that he is doing it for his own gain. Bass and his friend use the strategy of short selling the stock of a pharmaceutical firm. After short selling, they challenge one or multiple patents of the company via a front organization.

With the latest patent challenges, the case is different because they used their own names unlike before. On November 25, they challenged the Validity of the patent of Fresenius Kabi USA LLC that is related to Diprivan anesthetic. They also petitioned on November 24th challenging the patent of Alpex Pharma’s covering of Suprenza, a weight loss drug by Citius Pharmaceuticals. Additionally, he says that the patent owned by Alpex is just a speckled appearance.

The challenge was filed after the PTAB had denied Celgene’s proposition to dismiss CAD’s challenges of its patents that cover its drug, Revilimid, two months earlier. Celgene claimed that Bass’s motive for filing the challenge was irrelevant. In the case, Celgene ended up charging Bass alongside Spangeberg with extortion. Bass claimed that he was helping patients in the patent petition against Celgene. McKeown, an intellectual property expert, has since dismissed this view. He added that Bass’s aim was to tip the financial markets to his favor, a view supported by James C. Greenwood, a leader in the Pharmaceutical industry.

In an e-mail sent to Bloomberg BNA on December 1st, Bass and Spangenberg noted that the petitions were filed at their own expense. This is because of the absurdity of the present patent system that keeps on allowing zombie drugs to live on despite the existence of genuine innovation. They aim to highlight the dark side of the U.S Patent Office with the petitions. Additionally, they want to show the casual connection between the U.S. Patent office, bad patents, and lobbying from drug firms that leads to high prices for the same drugs.

With so much negative press coming from UsefulStooges, many question Bass’ intentions with this new project.