Global Leader Shares Knowledge About Video With MarTech Advisor Audience.

MarTech Advisor is the world’s leading source for marketing technology. Every day news, research data and product comparisons and more are posted to the MTA website. Another thing that is often shared there is expert views about marketing trends and more. When it comes to who share their thoughts, it is limited to the best of the best. To post an article at MarTech you have to be a leader in your fields and Talk Fusion’s CEO Bob Reina is certainly an expert in his field. Talk Fusion is a global leader in the field of video marketing and offers a set of award winning video marketing products all under one roof.


Bob’s article is telling everyone about the growing trends of video advertising and popular trends of using video in marketing.



This the second guest article post Bob Reina has created for MarTech. He understands that people need to know this information to capture the trend and ride on it’s growing wave. Bob’s goal is to give the leaders of these companies the information and allow them to use it to increase their business. Video marketing can be used in so many ways. It can be used to talk to a companies current and future clients, family and friends or it can be used to talk to employees. Imagine the ability to train a sales team without them having to go to a physical office. That is the kind of things that are happening with Talk Fusion’s all in one video marketing solutions platform.


Years ago only fortune 500 companies with huge budgets were able to afford and use this technology. Talk Fusion has changed that by making the video marketing platform affordable and easy to use. They are also offering everyone a free trial with no credit card. All a person has to do is provide a working email and they have access to they whole video marketing program during their free trial. It is the goal of Talk Fusion to help businesses have better sales and make more money by using the trends of video.

Technologist, Philanthropist- Erick Pulier

He is a man who has accomplished a lot in his life at a very young age. Erick Pulier is well described as a distinguished Harvard University graduate. He is not a successful l entrepreneur, but he is also a columnist, an experienced technologist, an author, a public speaker, and above all he is a generous philanthropist. Erick is very passionate about people and helping them achieve and accomplish their goals and desire in life. He has helped begin several startups. Eric Pulier has amazed the world with what he can do with technology in the digital era.

Erick Pulier was born and raised in Teaneck, New Jersey. His passion and desire for technology began when he was in fourth grade when he started programming computers. His love did not stop there instead he worked even harder at while still in High School Erick established his first business, a data base company. After his High School graduation, he joined Harvard University for his English and Literature studies. While still at the University he wrote and edited for Harvard Crimson. Erick Pulier graduated in 1988.

Erick Pulier is a devoted entrepreneur who in 1991 founded People Doing Things, an organization that dealt with HealthCare issues, education, and other life issues through the use of technology. A go-getter who does not rest until he accomplishes what he wants to establish Digital Evolution in 1994. Later in 1998 Digital Evolution amalgamated with US Interactive LLC. Erick also founded an organization to assist children with chronic disease to be able to interact with others online, and he called it Starbright World.

Erick being a successful l entrepreneur he has helped in building several startups, XPrize being the most successful one. XPrize is all about competition and honoring those individuals who can push themselves to the fullest potential. His vision when founding XPrize was to assist the young people to achieve their goals and honor them with gifts.

He is not only an entrepreneur, but he is also an active philanthropist. Erick is much involved in Painted Turtle, which is a camp for children with chronic disease. Erick has shown his passion for children suffering from chronic illness by dedicating his time as well as his resources.


Sawyer Howitt Future Entrepreneur

Sawyer Howitt is only 17 years old and already he has entered the business world. A senior at Lincoln High in Portland, Oregon, Howitt is a project manager at his father’s business Meriwether Group. David Howitt is the CEO and founder of Meriwether Group that assists other entreprenuers to succeed in their business and push their brand. The Meriwether Group offers consultations for startup, small,and large business owners who need advice. At a young age Sawyer Howitt showed signs that he understood the world of finance. He understand complex spread sheets, filing, note taking, and creating business presentations. He is working with his father in hopes that he will earn a degree in Entrepreneurial Finance and will begin his studies at Columbia University next semester.

Rona Borre: Business lady, Entrepreneur, and Excellent Leader

Rona Borre is currently the CEO of Both companies.

Rona Borre attended the University of Arizona where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration majoring in Marketing. Rona started her career as an account executive at Team Alliance. She joined Sapphire Technologies after a year. Rona worked as a Senior Account Executive at Sapphire which is based in Chicago for five years. She left the company in 2001 to  start Instant Technology LLC and serves as the CEO. Rona launched Instant Finance and Instant Alliance in 2014.  Rona Borre is currently the CEO for both companies.

Instant Alliances leverages the technology solutions developed by Instant Technology to help to improve the finance and accounting processes of a company. Rona is responsible for leading a team of human capital experts to ensure that they provide the best experience to the clients. This is because the enterprise works with top customers who demand and expect their needs to be met.  Check on

Her exemplary work ethic and business acumen have made her receive many awards throughout her career. She won the Bronze Stevie Award for Female Entrepreneur of the Year and Woman of the Year in Technology in 2015. She was recognized as Enterprising Woman of the Year in 2011 and received an Influential Women in Business award from Business Ledger in 2009. Rona was inducted into the University of Illinois Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame as a result of her achievements as an entrepreneur.

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Rona Borre has been featured in some publications and media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Tribune, Tech Republic, Crain’s Business, and U.S. News.

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Igor Cornelsen: Investing in the Brazilian Market

Igor Cornelsen is an expert in investments and a retired Brazilian banker. He has worked for some of the top companies in the Brazilian banking industry. Igor offers advice on how investing in Brazil can be a success and also how not to fail in the Brazilian market.

Igor’s investment tips on Tumblr place newer investors in an excellent position to succeed from. His first investment advice is always to make sure you understand the number of investors in the market. Brazil is the largest economy in South America and eighth in the world. It is not hard to invest there, but uninformed investors could face a hard time in the Brazil investing market.

Secondly, it is important to understand how traders from other parts of the world and Brazilian traders relate on Twitter. You need to predict how Brazil will be affected when it places an embargo on another country. Also, since Brazil has strong trading links with some countries, if something went wrong, it is advisable to cease trading in businesses that trade with Brazil is a good consideration.

The last piece of advice from Igor Cornelsen is to understand the difference between Brazilian currency and currencies from other parts of the world. This can help you the value of particular investments and the price of currency changes provided by financial institutions at Also, you can know which prices are the best value and which prices are inflated for the services performed.

Igor Cornelsen is the founder of Bainbridge Investments Inc which is a Bahamas-based firm. He assists potential investors through the company by offering them long-term investment strategies. According to him, investments that take time to become profitable need a lot of dedication from investors. Igor advises his clients to invest in damaged or broken stocks. This is because these stocks are inexpensive and pick up when the market stabilizes.

Igor Cornelsen has gained expertise in the stock market because of spending countless hours studying the patterns of the market. He has vast knowledge in different fields of investment. He is frequently seen in golf courses in South Florida where he lives most of the year.

Kevin Seawright, Entrepreneur Today And For The Future

Kevin Seawright is a recognized mogul in the business world today. His personable approach to financial and administrative goals in business has been a characteristic trait in his many unique enterprises for over 13 years.

His inclusive vision for Newark to build a better tomorrow through increased entrepreneurial opportunities in the New Jersey area is a clear indication that he will prove to be even more successful in the future.

Kevin’s Facebook page includes a cover photo of Newark, New Jersey, which shows the skyline as it appears across the river. His strong commitment to the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is evident from his social media presence on Facebook, where he lists his position as executive VP and CFO.

Kevin Seawright also includes his employment at Tito Contractors and his participation in an executive leadership program at Notre Dame, Mendoza College of Business.

He lives and works in Newark, and his personal photo reflects the visual image of a man is friendly and personable, yet with a very professional appearance. These qualities are important in conducting business enterprises on the scale of his executive position of importance. Learn more about more Kevin Seawright:

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright seems to have many executive and leadership qualities that embrace cooperation and striving for excellence in the 21st century.

Kevin Seawright has good reason to feel confident in his executive abilities, which he has proven admirably in the course of only a few years. His work life has included projects in the public sector as well as the private sector. His career in finance began with a government job in Baltimore, Maryland, where he learned diplomacy and cooperative skills to move ideas into action successfully.

The opportunities and challenges of complex negotiations, which he learned in the management and construction business, led him to his present position at the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation.

Kevin is clearly very dedicated to this enterprise, which has many benefits for the people of New Jersey who have a strong investment in the outcome of these ventures. He has a positive vision and the necessary qualifications to bring his ideas into reality.

Rona Borre is a Successful Woman Entrepreneur Leading the Staffing Industry in Chicago


Rona Borre, Leading Woman in the Business World

Rona Borre is recognized as a successful, female entrepreneur in the Chicago area, and she is continually growing. Ms. Borre founded the Instant Alliance in 2001 after she had graduated from the University of Arizona with a B.S. in business. Her career began shortly after, and she has a talent for perfectly connecting and helping other people. Connecting entrepreneurs with excellent staff allows her to help her clients build successful companies as she has.


Instant Alliance is an agency that does the work for the client; they find excellent people to create inspired environments that impact the culture of the business. Her team of seven, stellar staff members are all interested in making the best connections in technology staffing and finance staffing, and they have excelled. Ms. Borre has been acknowledged many times for the superior work of her agency, and the help they do on a daily basis.


For several years, Rona Borre has held leadership positions in three establishments: the Young Presidents Organization, the Economic Club of Chicago, and The Chicago Network. Rona has been on T.V. numerous times for feature spots, including USA Today, CNBC, CBS 2 Chicago, CNN, and Crain’s Chicago. See


She has been recognized as a leading woman in the business world and recognized by the National Association of Women Business Owners, the Influential Woman in Business by The Business Ledger and other prestigious acknowledgements. Being noticed as the Enterprising Woman of the Year by Enterprising Women Magazine was perhaps her most prestigious.


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Troy McQuagge of the USHEALTH Group gets acknowledged for his Excellent Work

Troy McQuagge is a specialist in the provision of insurance services. He has been working for the USHEALTH Group since 2010 and is its current chief executive officer. Mr. McQuagge’s performance at the company has been remarkable, and this has enabled him to gain recognition from the One Planet Award that honored him as the CEO of the Year’s Gold Winner. The One Planet is a highly appreciated around the globe, and its primary role is to recognize the excellent work to top companies and professionals in all types of industries across the planet. The organization openly receives nominations from all businesses across the world.


Mr. McQuagge’s first responsibility at the USHEALTH Group was to facilitate the transformation of the USHEALTH Advisors, which is currently the primary body that the company uses in distributing its products and services. He did an excellent job that bettered the performance of the agency. The USHEALTH Group later appointed him to serve as president and CEO in 2014. His performance at the office has also been exceptional. The company has been making record breaking profits despite the competitiveness of the United States’ health insurance industry. Troy McQuaage was gratified by the award, and he believes that the efforts of the all the employees of the firm led to the award. He said that the One Planet’s recognition proves that the USHEALTH Group is always striving to offer the best health insurance solutions to Americans. The products and services of the company are highly flexible since it customizes them to suit the needs of the income and the requirements of a person.


One Planet Award has been dedicated to appreciating any organization or individual who offers excellent services to the consumers. Its honor is offered in various categories, and they include corporate communications, organizations, teams, executives, and public relations. The foundation has provided more information about the award on its website.


Americans have trusted the USHEALTH Group as a firm the offers dependable health insurance solution. It runs its business is managed from its headquarters in Ft. Worth, Texas. The main customers who buy its products are people who run small businesses and individuals who are self-employed. The company ensures that it carries on its legacy offering excellent services by utilizing the abilities of its agents and staff. The USHEALTH Group’s customer service is also superb. It has developed a competent plan for processing claims, and it allows clients to get compensated in time.


Stephen Rotella: The Financial Management Expert



Stephen Rotella is currently the CEO of StoneCastle LLC, a firm that provides financial advice and cash management services. Stephen is an alumnus of the State University of New York, Stony Brook where he graduated in 1975 with an Economics bachelor’s degree. He attained his Master’s degree in Finance and Information Systems from State University of New York, Albany in the year 1978.


Early Career


Stephen Rotella worked in the retail brokerage, systems consulting and mutual funds sector. During his time as the chair of Chase’s advisory council, he prioritized the increase of loans to underserved communities in the society. This demonstrated his desire to give back to the community.


His career in the finance industry spans more than three decades. He is vastly experienced in strategic and operational leadership with a specialty in retail marketing, internet banking, organizational development, large scale operational, and asset management. He has served as a member of boards in different firms such as Ballet Met, Chase Home Finance LLC, and Vericrest Advisory LLC, among many others.


Washington Mutual, Inc


In December 2004, Washington Mutual named Rotella as its next President and Chief Operating Officer. During that time, Stephen was an executive at JP Morgan Chase, a multinational banking, and financial services holding company. Stephen’s new job would see him be in charge of the retail, commercial, and mortgage lines of Washington Mutual. He would also oversee the technology department and day to day administration.


Stephen’s expertise in the industries along with his high values was key to him landing the job. The firm reiterated that his addition reflected its commitment to hiring the crème de la crème of the industry to achieve operational excellence.


Mr. Rotella served as CEO of Washington Mutual between 2005 and 2008.


StoneCastle Cash Management LLC


Stephen took reigns of StoneCastle Cash Management LLC in 2011. The firm, based in New York, provides financial advisory services, investment management, and banking services in addition to cash management.


Under Rotella’s leadership, StoneCastle recently acquired deposit sweep business from Intermedium Financial. This move fortified StoneCastle’s position as the top dog in the provision of insured deposits to institutional investors. It also expanded the firm’s distribution options and increased efficiency in client transactions.

Doe Deere Makes Dreams Come True With LimeCrime!

Doe Deere is a makeup phenomenon racing at the speed of light into the future of the cosmetics industry! Speaking up for the importance of makeup that allows for individuality to take flight, Doe Deere has designed a company by the name of LimeCrime to produce highly pigmented cosmetics products that are animal friendly and don’t destroy your skin! As the CEO and Founder of LimeCrime, Doe Deere is making waves in the beauty industry with her extravagant brand full of fun colors and concepts that everyone can enjoy no matter what their personal style demands are. Ranging from holographic, baby blue, and bold vampy colors to make you swoon, Doe Deere’s LimeCrime has a little bit of everything with an intensity that will make your jaw drop and your soul do donuts in the parking lot with total excitement and pride in the appearance you’ve always wanted that is finally coming true. No longer is it just simply a dream to become a beacon of bold expression, LimeCrime is taking over the world and calling men and women everywhere up to the forefront so that they can get their hands on the perfect products for their skin, their personality, and the environment!

With different sheens such as matte, metallic, and pearly, there is a whole lot of incredible choices  lying in wait for you at the LimeCrime website, anxiously awaiting being able to glide across your supple lips and turn them into a vibrant stop sign that says, “I’m not afraid of who I am; see me and love the colors of my soul!” Doe Deere has made a dream come true! It’s a wonder how we ever lived without LimeCrime in our lives before it came into the world. Once you buy some of her Unicorn Lipstick, Venus Palettes of eyeshadow, and Black Magic pop on nails, you will never be able to go back to any other brand. You’ll love how you look and feel and all your animal buddies will appreciate your step in protecting their rights against being tortured for the sake of lipgloss wand. There’s no better cosmetic brands around who understand you like Doe Deere’s LimeCrime does. It sees and respects who you are at your core and wants to inspire and empower you to be the person you’ve always felt you were inside. It’s time to stop hiding! Be you with LimeCrime!

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